If you are looking for something similar to PUBG and Fornite, and want something that brings out the spice and excitement that you need for battle royale game, no one can beat Creative Destruction.


The map with an array of enchanted lands, weapons, and 99 other players on the battlefield will keep you glued for long hours to your screen. The goal to be the last survivor on the battlefield pushes you to put all your efforts and skills to win the game by going through all the hurdles.

This sandbox survival game gives you an unlimited fun of building and firing where you have a number of other players as the opponents.

None can stop you from utmost fun when you join your friends in your team to play collectively against the opponents in the vast battlefield.

Creative Destruction is an alternative to PUBG and Fornite, all these games are quite similar. If you have ever played these games or if you are a hard core fan of such kind of battle royale games, you will not find any difficulty in mastering Creative Destruction.

You know what? More than 80 million people have played this game; this number is enough to determine its popularity when millions of players from around the world are choosing Creative Destruction as one of the best battle royale games.


How To Play Creative Destruction?

The battle for survival starts when you will parachute into a large battlefield of 16,000,000 square meters with 99 other players. The entire game revolves around killing other players using wide range weapons so that you can become the last one standing in the battlefield.

Creative Destruction for PC

Once you put your feet in the battlefield, your struggle for survival starts from the very first second. Your mission is to find the weapons and other ways to fight strongly and strategically with the enemies.

You have to immediately look for items and equipment that will help you to build a lot of amazing equipment with large and better items and other weapons beyond your wildest dreams.

It is like a do-or-die battle, where you have no other option than to jump into the battle by unleashing your inner beast, using creative weapons and racing against snowstorms. It has several gameplay modes which make this game more exciting and full of fun for you. How can we forget the weather and time systems that play a great role in bringing a new level of endless fun?

No matter whether you choose to fight as a solo player or team up with your friends, at every step you will get surprises waiting for the exposure.


More about Creative Destruction

After getting familiar with Creative Destruction concept, we think before moving to the guide to install this game on PC and Mac, you must know more about Creative Destruction, in terms of its features and tips and tricks to play this battle royale game effectively.

Features of Creative Destruction

Battle in Wonderland

You will get a chance to explore 13 enchanted lands available on the vast map. These include Ski Resort, Seashire, Lion Park, West Lake, Windmill, Eden Vines and others.

Unleash the Beast

The huge collection of powerful, unique and creative weapons is provided to the players to help them in the battle for their survival.

Last Spacemaster Stands

The game enables you to outgun and outwit your opponents, which can be achieved by unlocking TPS or FPS mode.

Create and Destroy

The game involves you in creating and destroying battlefields through an innovative workshop system. Be careful as all elements which are viewing in the game can be created or destroyed.

Tips & Tricks to play Creative Destruction

If you want to become the last man standing in the battlefield by destroying all your enemies, these tips and tricks may help you in achieving your goal.

Must know where to land

In any battle royale game where the main aim of a player is to survive till the end, landing at the right place and in the right way plays an important part to determine the possibilities of your success.

Like, if you are playing Creative Destruction as a solo player, you can land at any location on the battlefield. But, in case, if you are playing as a team, you must click on the ‘follow’ option, which will help your teammates to follow you. Never land on an empty battlefield as you can be caught and killed easily.

Find the Chests

You must look for the chests as it provides you a way to get better loot. When you find a chest, go closer to it and tap on the chest icon to open it. Collect what you get inside the chest.

Upgrade your building skills

You must upgrade your building skills to ensure that you have strong and never shaken building with you. Never forget to upgrade the buildings in the appropriate way so that in the end you will have a strong backup.

Go through the Tutorial

No worries if at any point you get confused and not getting what to do and how to do. Creative Destruction has a tutorial which enables you to understand the game in a better way. Simply watch the tutorial, you will get to know the ins and outs of the game.

How to get Creative Destruction on PC and Mac?

If you have never played Creative Destruction before, then mastering this game will take some time, despite any way you follow to play the game, but playing Creative Destruction on PC and Mac can help you reach the top easily than the rest.

The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, but it is not released for Mac operating system. But still, you need not worry at all, as playing Creative Destruction on Mac is easy and simple.

Also many people who are not aware of the PC version of Creative Destruction, prefer to install Creative Destruction mobile game on their system using one or another way. Getting the mobile gameplay has now become easier to give more exposure to the players.

Yes, you heard it right, it is possible to run Creative Destruction mobile on Windows-based PC and Mac as well.

All you need is to use a third-party tool to enable your PC and Mac system to run this game on it, that too smoothly and effectively. Here, the third-party tool which we are talking about is Android emulator.

Two ways to play Creative Destruction on PC-

You can either download its PC version directly.


You can install the game on your PC using emulator. The choice is all yours.

An emulator is a software that acts as a bridge between your PC or Mac, and Android environment so that your favorite game can be installed and run on your device without any hassle.

In this guide, we will discuss two most popular emulators i.e. BlueStacks and Nox App Player as the best methods to have Creative Destruction on your PC or Mac.

Running Creative Destruction on PC or Mac using BlueStacks

As we know that most of the online gamers are very much familiar with the term ‘BlueStacks’, but just for the knowledge of newbies, BlueStacks is an Android emulator that helps you to get in the action faster than its alternatives in the market.

The much improved key mapping feature of BlueStacks not only works effectively in setting up Creative Destruction with ease but will also recall your preferences for the next time and make you ready to perform in dangerous areas.

Let’s start with step by step guide to install Creative Destruction on PC or Mac using BlueStacks.

  • It starts with downloading BlueStacks, simply click on the download link given below.
  • Once it is downloaded, install it on your PC or Mac.


  • Now download Creative Destruction by navigating to Bluestacks Google Play Store.
  • Before moving further, you have to make some changes to BlueStacks settings.
  • So, Go to Settings and click on Security option.
  • Now, from the list of options on the right side, Turn On ‘Unknown Sources’, which will allow Android apps to install on BlueStacks.
  • Next, go back to the downloaded APK file and double-click on it to install.


  • You will get a confirmation pop-up, which you need to confirm to start the installation. So, click on Install.
  • After its installation, Creative Destruction will be added on the home screen of BlueStacks.
  • Now, to enjoy it on your PC or Mac, double-click on it to open this amazing game.
  • Be ready to enjoy the battle royale game absolutely free.

Running Creative Destruction on PC or Mac using Nox App Player

Nox App Player, another one of the best Android emulators, which is widely preferred to install Android games on PC and Mac. It will work similar to BlueStacks.

Just follow these steps to install Creative Destruction on your PC or Mac with the help of Nox App Player.

  • Same as BlueStacks, the very first step is to download Nox App Player on your PC or Mac by clicking the given download button.
  • Next, install the Nox App Player to complete its installation on PC or Mac.


  • Now, you have to download the Creative Destruction APK file which you can do by navigating to Google Play Store.
  • Go to the main screen of Nox App Player and click on ‘Add an APK’ which is available on the top right corner.
  • Now, browse and select the APK file which you have already downloaded.
  • Click on ‘I know’ button to agree onto the installation process.
  • It will automatically install the game on this emulator.
  • Once it is installed, go to the home screen of Nox App Player and double-click on Creative Destruction icon.
  • It will start the game, so go ahead and start battling for your survival with powerful weapons and strategies.

With these two methods, you can get the better viewing experience of your favorite game on the large screen of your PC and Mac, with better graphics and great sound.

Really, such the great options for its millions of users around the world at their own comfort!

Minimum System Requirements for Creative Destruction

Here, you need to have these minimum system requirements to run Creative Destruction on your PC.

  • Operating System – Windows 7 and a higher version such as Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows 10
  • Memory – 2 GB RAM
  • Processor – Intel Core I3-4160
  • Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 4600
  • Storage – 2 GB available space
  • DirectX – version 11

Keep in mind that if your system does not meet these minimum requirements, the game will not work properly and you may face issues, like in speed, performance and even in its graphics.

A Game that Won’t Disappoint

Playing Creative Destruction on Windows PC and Mac is quite easier and works great even beyond your expectations on a big screen. When you team up for battle against the players from all around the world then the possibility of becoming the last man standing increases to a great extent.

Though, the graphics of this game are not as good as PUBG and Fornite, but there is not much difference, either. This free PUBG-style battle royale game will never disappoint you.

As it has been knocking every device and is running perfectly on all of them. It will definitely turn out to be the great game for battle royale games’ lovers.