Helpful Strategies to win Creative Destruction

Survival games add just the right amount of thrill and excitement to you everyday routine. If you are a fan of blazing guns and action-packed game that test your wits and agility, Creative Destruction is a great game to play. If you are a fan of games like Fortnite and Project Battle and wish there was a portable version of the game, your wait has finally ended. Creative Destruction is loaded with the same amount of excitement and level of gameplay as these PC games and can be played on your compact portable device.

There are a lot of ways with which you can gain a competitive advantage over your opponents, all you need is a little skill and a great strategy. Although your skills can be honed over time, a good game strategy can be obtained with the help of this blog post. Here are some great tips to help you navigate your way through this tricky and engaging game.

All’s well that Starts well

It is only obvious that a player who gains an edge over the other opponents right when the game commences will be able to do better than the rest of the players. The best way to do this is to strategically land next to a building. These not only provide the best spot for a safe landing as they act as a cover from the bullets being fired, they also provide a player with great loot.

 Strategies to win Creative Destruction

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When you are in the airship, look for buildings to provide a safe spot for a landing. Once you land, go inside the building and collect the loot available to you. You can also choose to destroy structures inside the building to gather materials to craft and build other useful items. This is truly the best way to go for anyone playing Creative Destruction.

Defence is the right Offence

Defying another commonly held belief, with this game it is a smart choice to make your safety the first priority. Looking for cover is possibly the smartest way to go while playing Creative Destruction. After a player is done collecting sufficient ammunition and materials to help them build useful structures in the future, a player should look for buildings and structures to hide in.

You will become an easy target for most of the other players perched on the top of buildings if you keep moving around in the open battlefield. To avoid, being shot down by a sniper, make sure you are not in clear line of sight while playing the game.


If you are able to outlive most of your other opponents and end up making it to the last few survivors, you need to make sure that you cannot be tracked easily to do this, make sure that you have sufficient building material to form a structure when and where you require it. Pick a spot that provides a great competitive advantage and a good view of the battleground and then build a structure to make sure you do not become an easy target for your opponent.

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With these tips you can strategize much better and ensure that you are the last man standing when playing a great survival game like Creative Destruction which requires strategizing skills along with a great aim and reflexes. Come out on top in all the matches you play so that you have brag worthy track record to tell your friends about. Try these tricks today!