How Creative Destruction is better than Fortnite?

If you have ever played PUBG and Fornite, you can easily get an idea that Creative Destruction is designed and developed by incorporating the ideas of both these games. Additionally, you will get a somewhat similar gaming experience with Creative Destruction. But, there is something that makes this game somewhere more preferable by many players around the world than PUBG and Fornite. Do you know what they are?

CD has a mixture of both games, PUBG and Fortnite, also when you have a vast pool of similar games, you may find many things similar and try to go through their differences. The same thing happens with Creative Destruction when there are numbers of other alternatives which you have already experienced.

When we talk about the comparison of Creative Destruction with Fornite, you will find not much difference between these two games. Also, some people called it as a clone of Fornite, well, it is not completely true. Even though it may be difficult to disregard the number of similarities, in terms of design, appearance, arms, and others, still there is something that makes Creative Destruction unique enough.

How Creative Destruction is better than Fortnite?

Have a look at some of the differences that makes CD better than Fortnite.

  • Some beginners feel Creative Destruction much easier to play than other similar battle royale games. They find CD something convenient to understand, build and destroy to fight for survival. In general, CD has much more fun to offer than Fortnite.
  • If you have played Fornite, you may know how difficult it is to build in this game, even when you run and play it on your PC. So, CD has a few easy building methods that help you to overcome these hassles during strong firefights. Like, you can build a huge bunker with great ease to protect yourself. All you need is to analyze the situation before deciding to use it.
  • As compared to Fortnite, it has been found that many players feel superior customization in Creative Destruction. Also, it offers colorful gameplay with wonderful, shiny and groovy outfits, along with remarkable gun skins.
  • CD has different weapons, thus giving you more powerful and aggressive options to jump into the battlefield. These include an Assault rifle, Sniper rifle and pistols which can be chosen based on your needs. You must know that these guns are available in other battle royale games, but not in Fortnite.
  • Being smaller in size than Fortnite, Creative Destruction does not require a system with high requirements to play on it. It also utilizes fewer resources than other battle royale games.
  • CD offers training which means it provides you an unasked tutorial about the game, which you can never see in Fortnite. This feature helps beginners to get through the number of situations in the battlefield effectively and learn the skills of how to become the last man standing.

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How Creative Destruction is better than Fortnite?

Creative Destruction is considered as the neat replacement for the larger non-console audience. Though it is the best version of Fortnite, playing Creative Destruction will let you find out how different and better it is from Fortnite and other similar games.