Tips & Tricks to Play Creative Destruction

No doubt, like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and other battle royale games, Creative Destruction also brings the unlimited and unmatched fun of battle on your Android and iOS devices, Windows PC and Mac. Some players feel it as a copy of other battle royal games, but this game has its own special components that make it one of the preferable survival games. It has so much to offer that sometimes make you confused and even tired when playing it the first time.

So, to ease your gameplay, there are some of the best tips and tricks that enable you to enjoy the game to the fullest, without any cumbersome.

Land at the area populated by buildings

Look at the map and find which area is packed with buildings. Once you select your location, jump on the building or open area with loads of weapons and gear. Keep in mind that other players also have the same location in their mind, so be careful.

After landing, arm yourself with the powerful weapons as soon as possible. Faster you will be, the more players you can eliminate in the early stages of the match. Also, quickly earn enough building material and other items on deck to get into the battlefield aggressively.

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Get high-quality weapons

When you have plenty of arms in Creative Destruction, simply discover and get different types of weapons, like you can get pistols, shotguns, rifles, grenades, bowling bombs, etc. Gear up with the arms and equipment that can help you in wiping out the opponents quickly.

You must grab the weapons with high rarity rating, as they work effectively in helping you to be the last player standing. Become the first one to get the loot from airlifts transporting chests on the battlefield and get high quality and high rarity ratings weapons and items.

Choose and build efficiently

Take as much building items as you can faster. For bold players, use Quick Build ramps to build a path that goes to the top of the building. Get the best sniping position so that you can build up some ramps, one is Water Tower.

The opponents can easily spot and kill you when they see custom built structures, so the best way is to get enough Quick Build energy to build protective walls around you.

You can also use any player which is dumb enough to be used as your cover. Keep your eyes to find the one who can become a target of your strategy.

Tips & Tricks to Play Creative Destruction

Stick and Move

Attacking a player which is right in front of you helps you in getting out of this encounter without any damage. Also, keep eyes for other players as well before they notice you. In such situations, Shotgun and Assault Gun are the best choices to increase your chances of survival.

Sniper rifles can be used to get down your opponents from the top of a high building. Staying close to the edge of the closing storm can get you a player trying to get into the safe zone.

Make sure to keep these tips and tricks in mind when you are going to play Creative Destruction, they will surely help you a lot in destroying your enemies in a short time.